• What is Yoseca and Gurica about?

    The new tap-and-swipe-operated digital greeting card service, 'Yoseca and Gurica,' allows each person to send messages in their preferred style. It's an innovative greeting card service where each person can express themselves uniquely. It reduces the host's burden, introduces fun management features, and implements a groundbreaking payment system that eliminates complicated bill collections! With the motto of giving and receiving joy, we offer an enjoyable greeting card experience full of unique and delightful elements not found in traditional greeting card services.

  • Is it necessary to download an app?

    No need to install an app. It's a web service accessible via smartphone or PC web browser. Recipients also don't need to log in or download an app.

  • What is the maximum number of participants for greeting cards?

    The Standard and Light plans allow a maximum of 100 participants, including the host. The Free plan allows for up to 4 participants.

  • Regarding supported environments

    Yoseca and Gurica are web services. Please use the following supported environments: Apple iOS 12.0 or above with Safari 12.0 or above/Android OS 7.0 or above with the latest version of Google Chrome/ ・Windows OS 10 and above with the latest versions of EDGE, Firefox, and Chrome/ ・Mac OS 10 and above with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

  • Can I use it without registering or logging in?

    Hosts must register an account. Additionally, members participating in a greeting card where members pay upon joining also need to register an account. While members can participate without logging in for greeting cards where the host pays collectively, certain features like notifications won't be available. Account registration is also required for using the Gurica plan.

  • How can I register?

    You can easily create an account by linking your Google or Facebook account for social media integration.

  • Can I send it from a computer?

    Although the service is recommended for smartphones, it can also be used on a computer. Recipients can view received greeting cards on tablets or computers.

  • What does 'page-style' mean?

    Rather than the traditional card style, when you swipe or tap the screen as if turning pages, each individually created message page will pop up one after another. This page-style feature allows you to express your feelings through messages.

  • What are plans?

    You can use the greeting card along with the template design by selecting a plan. There are three types of plans, each with different message formats and the number of participants, so choose according to your needs. You can check the details of the plans on the template's product details page.

  • What is the message format?

    When writing a message, you can choose the method of messaging, which we call a message format. There are nine types of message formats available: ・Message Card... Recommended for those who want to write a lot of text! ・Card & Sticker... Add cute stickers to a casual message! ・Mini Card & Photo... Attach a photo of a memory to a mini card! ・Photo_Horizontal... Memories with photos, and you can even include handwritten messages as images! ・Photo_Square... Memories with photos, and you can even include handwritten messages as images! ・Voice Message... Convey your message through voice (up to 60 seconds)! ・Message Sticker... Just choose; recommended for those with limited time! ・Video Message Vertical... Express your feelings through a video message (up to 60 seconds)! ・Video Message Horizontal... Convey your message through a video (up to 60 seconds)!

  • What are stickers?

    This function allows editing within the message format. There are various designs available including stickers with messages or cute illustrations to decorate the greeting card. Stickers matching the template design are set by default. ※The available sticker types vary depending on the plan.

  • What is a 'host'?

    The person who initially creates the greeting card is referred to as the 'host.' The host can edit the basic information of the greeting card and manage it. Once someone becomes the host, their authority cannot be transferred to others.

  • What are 'members'?

    Participants in the greeting card are referred to as 'members.' Members can use the greeting card by registering or logging in via the participation URL sent by the host.

  • What is the 'FREE TRIAL' function?

    Before actually using the service, you can try operations, etc., on the sample screen.

  • Will it be revealed to the recipient in advance that I'm collecting greeting card messages?

    When inviting members, please be cautious as the invitation URL for the greeting card may reveal that you are collecting messages if known to the recipient. Therefore, please ensure that the invitation URL is shared only among the members.

  • Is there a deadline for creating greeting card messages?

    The host sets the deadline during the creation of a new greeting card. The deadline can be set for a maximum of 14 days.

  • What happens when the greeting card is closed?

    When the greeting card reaches its deadline, it will automatically close, and members will no longer be able to participate or edit. Only the host can edit the greeting card within the subsequent 7-day payment period. During this time, it's possible for the host to delegate editing responsibilities.

  • What happens if I can't finish editing the greeting card before the deadline?

    If the deadline has passed, the greeting card will automatically close, preventing anyone other than the host from editing. Additionally, the host has a 7-day period after closure as a payment deadline. During this period, the host can edit the following aspects of the greeting card: ・Editing the cover ・Editing background music (BGM) ・Deleting or editing messages ・Removing members ※Note: If deleting members would result in fewer than the required number for the greeting card, members cannot be deleted.

  • I want to know the viewing period for the greeting card sent to the recipient.

    Once the delivery settings are completed, the greeting card will be available for viewing for a year. For instance, if the host's payment was completed on August 1, 2022, it will be viewable until August 1, 2023. You can confirm the viewing deadline of the greeting card using the final issued URL and the following method: Home → Item List → Check the relevant greeting card.

  • What is Yoseca?

    'Yoseca' is a plan that enables multiple people to participate and send group messages.By choosing your preferred design template and selecting a 'Yoseca' plan, you can use it as a greeting card. 'Yoseca' offers Standard, Light, and Free plans.

  • What is Gurica?

    Gurica is a digital greeting card that consists of only one cover + message screen, used as a single-person message plan. By choosing your preferred design template and selecting the Gurica plan, you can use it as a single-person message card.